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Fighting Menopause and Reproductive Aging.

Timeless is a reproductive longevity company focused on predicting menopause.


Menopause significantly increases the risk of several critical illnesses. Today, there is no way to predict, or avoid menopause - but we believe there should be.


Our long term mission is to produce tools and therapies that ease and potentially reverse the reproductive aging that leads to menopause and estrogen decline. Currently, we are developing softwares to improve the quality of medical care for perimenopausal and menopausal women. 

The Team

Timeless Biotech unites a team of critical thinkers, and diligent workers who are highly passionate about reproductive longevity and potential menopause therapies. Timeless is forever young and always looking for new members to come onboard!

The Team

Kiran Kumar
CEO & Co-Founder

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Kiran Kumar is a final-year studying biotechnology engineering at UC San Diego. Kiran is founder & former CEO of CrossBow Canada Inc: women's education initiative. She has also worked as a scientific writer for multiple biotechnology and longevity companies; Kiran has experience working as a product engineer where she prototyped several different personalized models and systems. Currently, she is developing a DL-powered system to improve leukemia diagnosis at JCVI UC San Diego. Most importantly, she is obsessed with women’s health & reproductive longevity. Reach out to Kiran to learn more!


Felix Tajanko
Scientific Lead & Co-Founder

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Felix Tajanko is pursuing the 5-year Bioengineering BS/MS at UC San Diego. They are also researching microhemodynamics & metabolomics in the wet lab. Felix will be spearheading an independent research study on sex-specific differences during septic shock; through this project they will look at this condition through an endocrinological lens. They have experience as a system administer and event manager where they lead and coordinate teams. Felix is also a scientific writer, workiing hard to make science more accessible to the average population. Reach out to Felix to learn more!

Our Advisors

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Dr. Suresh Subramani

Dr. Suresh Subramani is a Distinguished Professor at UC San Diego. Dr. Subramani is a highly respected cell and molecular biologist and is the Global Director of the Tata Institute for Genetics & Society.


We are always excited to hear from new people!

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